Had a text alert late last night to say that as of 6.00 am this morning (Sunday) our city would be in lockdown for the next seven days.

We have another case of Covid in the community. Every time we have another case in the community I find myself checking the locations of interest, just to see if I have been there or not.

Why do people still carry on doing their thing even when they have just been tested?

Why aren’t people going home and self-isolating after a test or even staying at home if they feel unwell?

So, it is going to be a walk, exercise and a very quiet week as hubby will be home too. We just get up and back on our feet, when it come back again and we are back in lockdown.

I realise that we have much more freedom than other countries and how lucky we are for that. My thoughts are with all of those people who are still suffering and who have lost loved ones through this. Sadly this will be with us for some time to come, but, let us hope that it won’t be too long!

Smile and have a great day 🙂

Eye Tests

Hubby and I were called to have our two year eye check-ups. With Covid still around I was a little anxious I have to say. I mean working so close to your eyes. The opticians were reassuring and so yesterday we had our eye tests.

The usual precautions were taken, in so much that you needed to wear a face mask, hand sanitise and scan the QR codes as we entered. Hubby was first and I went to have a coffee until my test a half hour later.

He needs glasses for reading and so he went for a coffee as I had mine done. I was pleasantly surprised how smoothly it all went. Am not a huge fan of the puff of air into the eye for the glaucoma, but everything went well and received the all clear. My eyes have not changed that much since the last time.

Now I thought I would be the one to require glasses, but, no it was just hubby. When he returned it was time to pick out a pair for him to order. They were nothing fancy, as only for reading. he did not need them outside at all.

It was a tick on the calendar, until next time, or unless we notice anything different with our eyesight. Huge thanks to the lovely optometrist we both had yesterday. It was smooth sailing all the way.

Smile and have a great day 🙂

Happy Valentines Day

It has been a busy week this week with hubby undertaking a bigger job than normal. He had a lot of dirt and concrete, broken pavers etc to dig up so that he could lay new pavers to the side of a driveway. All that he dug up ended up coming home with him and we then had to order a skip to put it all in.

So, guess what I did on Friday after the skip was dropped off? Yes, I started moving all some of the dirt etc that hubby had brought home I spent just over a couple of hours before I ached and thought I had better stop. On Saturday, hubby and I finished it all off and now the skip is ready to be collected on Tuesday! Yay, go us..

Today (Sunday) is valentines day and we went to a local shopping centre to enjoy the morning. We brought some new trainers and shorts, which we have been needing for some time now. Last night we enjoyed an amazing Chinese from our local takeaway and I even practised my Happy New Year in Chinese. Having said that, it may not have been perfect, but they appreciated that at least I made an effort.

My best friend is having a baby girl in the next month and so will be a ‘year of the ox’ baby. Let’s hope she is born into a good year ahead.

I hope those that enjoy and celebrate today, valentines day had a great day.

Smile and have a great day 🙂

Public Holidays

My apologies for not posting a blog last weekend, but I seem to have lost what day of the week it actually is!

Last weekend we had a public/bank holiday on Monday and so the working week had lost a day. This weekend we have had another public/bank holiday on Monday and so it is another short working week.

Two short weeks on the run and I think that today is actually Saturday! It has been a very enjoyable couple of long weekends and the weather has really been on our side which is always good.

The hot weather has been good for the grapes that we have been growing and they have now turned light red. I tried a couple them from a few of the bunches and actually, they don’t taste that bad. Having never grown them before, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I have been pleasantly surprised.

I have stained the walkway down the side of the garden that we installed not so long ago. It has had one coat and another one will be done tomorrow whilst my hubby works. Hubby working was a slip up on our part, as we had actually forgotten about the public holiday, but he is okay with working, so I will do the staining and get that finished.

We have managed to get some walking and workouts done over the weekends too, so that has been great.

Smile and have a great day 🙂

Garden Veggies

Over the summer we planted three veggie boxes with potatoes, peppers, lettuces, tomatoes, chilli’s and rhubarb. Last year we planted blackberries, raspberries and grapes against our fence line in the garden and also a blueberry bush.

Over the last week we pulled up the potato plants and filled a ten litre plastic bucket with various sizes. So far we have picked off seven peppers and small amounts of blackberries and raspberries.

When we checked one of our grapes vines we noticed there were numerous bunches of grapes. They are still quite hard at the moment, but as everyday goes by they are beginning to soften and some are turning red. We have tried a couple of the softer, slightly redder ones and have to say they don’t taste to bad. If they are all ready at the same time, I think our neighbours may be getting some bunches, as I really don’t think we are able to make wine with them.

I have been so pleased and blessed to have had such an amazing amount of fruit and veggies and we have been able to grow them ourselves. With the prices of some fruits and veggies, it really has been a help with our grocery bill.

Smile and have a great day 🙂


So, these days we use the computer for so many things, and have passwords on most, if not all of what we use the computer for.

Last week I used an account that I had not used in some time. I thought I had remembered the password for that account. Apparently, I was wrong!

Now, I know that as we age, we do forget and sometimes we have to write things down and I do for some important things that need to be done. Most of the time I don’t need to look at what I have written, but, it is there in case.

I tried three different passwords, to no avail and so I decided to reset the password. Now, why did I see a message pop up to ask, ‘What was the last password you used on this account?’. If I knew what the last password was I used, would that not have unlocked the account in question?

If you reset the password, it is generally because you have forgotten it and so it seemed a silly question to ask. My password has now been reset and I am now able to access that account. Yippee?

Smile and have a great day 🙂

Wooden walkway

It has been a great couple of weeks, albeit extremely hot and humid at times.

Every year we have a project to undertake and this year we wanted to get a pathway done that runs down the side of our house. This is a pathway in the back garden that leads to our shed.

This was that year! We were not really sure quite what we wanted to do down there. We have three vegetable boxes down there and a couple of raised bedding areas. We had stones down there and had a look at paving but decided we would build a walkway, similar to a boardwalk.

We must have picked the hottest and most humid days to do this job. It took around three days to complete and looks pretty smart. We have just got to level off the soil from one side and then move all the small white stones to the edges, after I have stained it.

It was hard, sweaty work, but have to say that it looks bloody amazing and we are both so thrilled with it. I think the neighbours are happy that we are not making a noise now, drilling the boards down.

Hopefully by the end of the Summer it will all be completed and we can stand back and feel proud.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂

Redwood walks

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2021.

We have had a good week so far and have managed to do everything we needed to do around the house and in the garden. The weather had been on our side up until yesterday!

Yesterday we made a two and a half hours drive to a redwood forest to enjoy the walks. We arrived at around 9.00 am and looked forward to an 11 km walk, but, sadly the route was closed. We decided to do the 7.8 km walk instead and walking through the giant trees was just awe inspiring. It was quiet in places and the views from the look outs were amazing.

We completed the walk in a couple of hours or so and then stopped in the café for a mocha before we started a 4.8 km walk. It was filling up with more people by this time, but the walk was still amazing. The fresh air and being amongst nature was just what we needed. As we finished the walk we exited the forest to see that it had been raining quite heavily. Shortly afterwards the heavens opened and it all came down.

We decided to drive for an hour to a beach, but the drive was slow. Everything from the heavens above came straight down. The drive was treacherous in places as we could not see a thing. When we got to the beach it was so busy and cars were parked everywhere that we decided to come back home and go there on another day.

It was a slow drive on the way home, what with the weather and the large amount of traffic, but got home safe and sound and had a totally fantastic day out.

Smile and have a great day 🙂

Boxing Day Sales

I hope you have all had a good festive period.

Today is the day after Boxing Day and hubby and I decided to venture out to the shops.

The car park was quiet as were some of the shops, except electrical stores. A few of the general stores had some empty shelves. I have never seen so many empty shelves for a very long time.

We were also looking for a new television remote channel changer, but they had run out of them, so we called into an electrical store on the way home.

The drive home was slow, not due to shoppers, but an accident involving and overturned vehicle in someone’s front garden and another across the road. Drivers then becoming impatient as they had to filter across to our lane.

When we arrived at the car park near the electrical store, it was mayhem. There were cars driving around looking for spaces and people wandering around aimlessly, taking no notice of the cars at times.

Anyway we finally managed to buy a new remote for our television, so we can change channels a lot more easily.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, wherever you are in the world.

I know this year has been a rough year, but I hope for just one day, we can all stop and take a breath. It will be a strange time and one we will never forget, but love those you care about and love yourself!

Have a great day, Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂