Have you every felt guilty?

I have recently felt guilty about something, well someone. I have a friend who wants me around, as friends do, but more on their terms. Work is busy with them and so reasons why we cannot catch up for a chat or a coffee is always down to not having the time, due to work.

No matter what time I text, the same reply usually comes back, ‘Busy with work’. Now this may make me sound a little bitter. Not at all, this has been an ongoing issue for a good couple of years now and work will always get in the way. There are times when you need a break or time management skills.

I have felt guilty that I am becoming a nuisance and seem to always be bothering them, whenever. but I have decided that its not my guilt to carry any more, as I have tried to keep in touch.

Do I carry on with this or should I just let it go?

This is the question I am now pondering as friends make time for each other right?


Hey everyone

I realised that I have not written anything for a few days now and I apologise for that.

The weather lately has been shocking and I guess it follows my last blog. We are still having days of heavy rains, thunderstorms and today even hail that battered the house.

My one pet dislike when I am out driving are those people who tailgate. They don’t overtake when there is the space to do so but stick to the bumpers of cars in front. After the weather we have been having it is even scarier. The roads are slippery and in some places they are flooded.

Why do people drive this way? Their reactions, even if it is sharp, won’t stop you running into the back of the car in front when you are almost in your boot.

Gosh it is scary sometimes, but hey, it’s just an observation.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂


Hey everyone

Well the weather has not really relented. Heavy rains, hailstorms and lightening.

We ensured everything that we thought would be picked up by strong winds, be tied down or put away.

Last night we had an amazing light show with lightening flashing through the sky and hailstorms battering against the doors and windows. We are advised to be prepared for another bad night.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love watching the lightening, but don’t like the damage that it can cause. Hope everyone stays safe and warm tonight.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂

Winter has arrived with a vengeance

Hey everyone

Well I cannot complain, we have had a pretty mild Winter here. Over the weekend however, that changed and the storms arrived with a vengeance.

Driving on the motorway on Saturday morning was sheisse. The gusty winds blew my poor car around and the rain pummelled it hard. Cold air greeted as I got out and it felt raw. It is from the Antarctic apparently.

Got back home on Saturday and the weather didn’t miss a beat and the winds became more ferocious during the night and into Sunday. Last night (Sunday) the bike rack we have in the garage decided to fall over and fortunately there was something in the way to stop it falling onto the floor, and would have woken us up. Unfortunately that something was my hubby’s work van and thankfully it only received a scratch.

Today is not better and the weather just does not know what to do with itself, but it is cold let me tell you.

Welcome to Winter, eventually, and it wont be long until we are into the Spring season. So bizarre.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂


Hey everyone

So for me, friends, and especially best friends are those special people in your life you call ‘family’. They are always there if you need advice or even if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Today I met up with my BFF whom I haven’t seen since the New Year. We caught up with how we are doing and what’s new and also caught up with how the families are doing over an amazing lunch.

When you are with someone who is that special its surprising how the time just flies by and soon its all over again until the next time. For that we have decided to maybe see a movie and have a drink and hopefully we will be able to fit it in before Christmas, which is really not that far away now either!

Have had a very blessed day today seeing her and she knows she is a very special person in my life and I love her to bits.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂

Bangers and Mash

Hey everyone

I haven’t written for a few days and can offer no excuses, but the I have unfortunately just been busy is all.

I love sausages on occasions, but not ones you can buy that have more fat in than meat. A good sausage for me has to be meaty. As I was growing up there weren’t so many flavours as there are now, it seemed to be either pork or beef, occasionally a lamb or chicken one.

I do enjoy making bangers and mash with onion gravy. My mashed potatoe can have a few small lumps in it and hubby doesn’t mind that. We really don’t enjoy the really runny smooth potatoe mash that is around, but each to their own.

I always remember in my cooking classes at school my teacher telling me that having small lumps in the mash means it was really home-made, but as I have said everyone is different and that’s okay.

Anyway have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂

Printer Purchase

Hey everyone

So, over the last few days our printer has decided that is doesn’t want to feed paper into itself and we have to manually feed it through. The reason we have to do this is because when it ran out of paper, hubby put a handful into the tray and unfortunately the printer took the whole lot through and it jammed. Time spent trying to get all the paper out of the machine and so hence not working properly.

Yesterday we purchased a new one that takes the ink cartridges that were used on old machine, as we had a set of new ones to use. The retailer had a deal on it and we were able to redeem almost half of the cost back and listen to this guys. We have been entered, also into the draw to win tickets to go to Japan for the Rugby World Cup.

What a double pleasure that was and our weekend was so great. Now have a new printer that doesn’t need baby sitting when printing.

I know that sounds as if I am easily pleased but I guess I am sometimes. It is nice to also get a deal once in a while.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂