Traffic Jams

Hey everyone

Yesterday we went out to an Agricultural and Pastoral Day and it was a fantastic day. It rained driving down but was a sunny and windy day down there. We had a full day out and it rained on our way back home.

We didn’t have much in the way of traffic heading down but certainly had a large amount on the way home. Some of that was due to roadworks where 2 lanes merged into 1. The expression merge like a zip would work really well if everybody did just that.

So many cars driving past and leaving it right to the last minute to pull over. At one point a car even drove down the hard shoulder to join the queue further down. They obviously didn’t like sitting in the traffic jam like the rest of us.

It was a great day out and even with the amount of time we sat in the traffic watching all around us, it was still fantastic.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂


Speed Cameras

Hey everyone

So we heard that they may be putting up more speed cameras up to cut down the accident rate we have.

Love them or loathe them, in some places they are a good idea. I guess that if you are a fast driver then chances are you will probably be pinged at some point. I think to help cut down the accident rates would be to make sure that the speed limit signs are big enough and visible for drivers to see.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂

Aviation Fuel

Hey everyone

What is it about an airport?

The hustle and bustle or people running around everywhere and cars trying to stop and let people out or pick up?

For me it is the smell of aviation fuel when you park up and open the car door and step outside. That instant whiff as it blows under your nostrils. For some it can make them queasy but for me I love it.

There is also the smell of tar which I adore, especially if I have a stuffy nose or a chesty cough. It clears both naturally and it is FREE. No sprays or antibiotics or whatever the pharmacist may give you.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂


Hey everyone

Had my check up at the chiropractor this morning for my neck. I don’t think it is everyone’s cup of tea but I actually enjoy going to see them. I have a very old whiplash injury from many years ago and keeping up with the regular check-ups keeps my neck from periodically freezing up.

So this morning a pull and twist on my neck with that great cracking sound was just what the doctor, or should I say chiropractor ordered. That cracking sound is a great relief for me and when I hear that I know my neck is all good until the next check-up.

So have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂

Wild Weather – poem

Hey everyone

Thought I would put into a poem what I was going to blog about.

Today was a day like any day

Was doing my thing, outside it was grey

The rain came down in a light shower

Hoping it wouldn’t be like that in an hour

I wanted to pop out down to the mall

But decided to make a better call

The skies opened up and the rains descended

But this is what the weatherman had intended

The skies turned a real dark black

Then the thunder roared and I heard a crack

The lightening was here and the sound was intense

The amount of water was now immense

Sitting inside and working away

Tomorrow will be a better day

The winds they did blow a gale

And this was my day’s sorry tale

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂

Walking without direction

Hey everyone

Shopping at the local malls and even walking along the pavements, some people walk without any direction. Following people on their phones, meandering in the malls and on the pavements. No-one knows which way they are going, sometimes a few will even stop right in front of you. We all try to avoid the e-scooters, skateboards, whilst dodging around everyone. I am not really in a hurry to get anywhere but know where I need to get to. The people I feel sorry for are the ones who walk with a purpose and don’t stop until they get there.

That aside, whilst walking around the malls I actually brought a couple of Christmas presents, just because I saw them and I knew who they would be for. I generally don’t start this early, but I saw and thought I would buy.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂

Four seasons in 1 day

Hey everyone

So you must have all heard of the expression ‘four seasons in 1 day?’ We had it today with four seasons in a morning. It started with heavy rain, sunshine and cold weather, then it turned to heavy rains and winds and sunshine. Today the weather has been a real surprise, but after the hot Summer we have had I guess we should be thankful. It won’t be long till we reach Winter, about 3 weeks now.

Tomorrow the day is full of sunshine, or so they tell us. Let’s see what happens in the morning.

Have a great day everyone and let the sun shine 🙂