Leg Day

So, Saturday was leg day with my exercise, squats, lunges, leg raises etc. Hubby and I did that when we got up and then after a pre-arranged appointment we then took the train into the city.

The train ride was slower than normal because of works that are going on, both on the lines and new upgrades at a station en-route. We alighted the train a few stops short of the city centre and walked in. Hubby took me to a bakery that he knew for a mocha and freshly baked blueberry muffin, which we ate as we walked.

It was a great day for a walk and so walked through the centre and past the harbour to look at the boats and the super yachts that are berthed there. We then stopped for lunch before we headed out through the surrounding suburbs to catch the train at the station we alighted from.

By the time we reached the train station, my feet were a little achy as were my legs. We had walked around 35,000 steps and about 25kilometres.

I was glad to drive home and take my shoes off and slump into my chair for a few moments. It was a great day out and although we walked for about 5 hours, we really enjoyed it.

Today, Sunday, my legs and feet told me they had walked and worked out hard yesterday. We did and upper body workout after we got up, but I gave them the day off today from their normal coastal walkway walk and we went out to do our grocery shopping instead.

This weekend was an amazing weekend and just love these types of weekend. Masks were worn on the trains and when walking around.

Stay safe out there.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂

Resistance Training

The week has gone by pretty quickly this week. The weather has been amazing and I have done my walks and my execises.

I love doing exercise and in particular resistance training, but from our original lockdown, which was way back in March, I have not been able to find any dumbbell weights to suit. Yesterday hubby and I went shopping and popped into the sports store to have a look around. We found some that suited both of us and brought some to use.

This morning was our first time to be able to use the range of dumbbells for our resistance training and it really does make a difference. Making ‘do’ with the couple of weights we had originally was okay, but now we feel that the workout is a little harder for us both.

There are a couple of weight sizes we still need to get as the store only had one of each, but we can keep an eye out for them. Buying our own set of weights is certainly cheaper than our gym membership we did have. Doing on-line training is working out for us and it is much easier and obviously safer, at the moment than going into a gym.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂

Level 2.5

So, we have been under level 2.5 for about two weeks now and the rest of the country have been under level 2.

For the first time since Covid arrived, we have had a border between us and the rest of the country. My best friend lives ‘over the border’ and I could not visit her. We were not allowed over that border unless we applied for an exemption. The exemption would need to be proved. The reasons I guess, would be a sick family member or being an essential worker.

My hubby works for someone who lives ‘over the border’ and they could not cross that line. The work was not an essential service and so hubby has been quiet on the work front.

It has been hard this time around for everyone I have spoken too. When we were in total lockdown, the whole country was in the same boat. This time around the country has been split. Some people have said it is a ‘them’ and ‘us’ situation.

We are under level 2.5 for another week or so and it has been a tiring experience, I have to say. Trying to stay positive every day has been hard, but I am trying to remain in that positive mind frame. We will get through this!

We still do not know where the new case came from that started our resurgence. It has become a mystery, but has been spreading around still.

This is the problem with Covid. People do not think how quickly it spreads when people don’t wear masks and don’t social distance as requested.

Wear a mask and keep your distance everyone and stay safe.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂

My shorts are back out

Well we have had some wet, dry and windy weather this week, but some extraordinary warm weather over the last three days.

We are just coming out of winter and into spring and so I pulled my shorts out of the drawer this weekend and did our daily walks in them. The tan that I had started to get whilst in lockdown back around March is now coming along very nicely. I have been a little devil and rolled them up a little further so that I can blend in a new with the old. I had actually thought that the old one would have mellowed a little by now, but no.

The mark is quite obvious, but I need to blend in a new one. Thank you to Mother Nature for providing us with this awesome weather, when I look around at the weather some other countries have had or are having, I feel truly blessed.

It has been a busy week this week, with so many different things happening, but good things. The time just flies by, which is great.

I have walked so much over these few months that I need a new pair of trainers soon. I cannot believe I have worn them out!

Smile and have a happy day 🙂

My Dream

I have been sleeping better of late, but last night I woke up around 4.00 am this morning.

Why, you ask?

Here is the thing. I don’t often dream, or if I do, I rarely remember them. Last night I woke up early in the morning and remember the dream I was having at the time.

I was in an exam room taking a Geography exam, but not just a basic exam. I had classes with the Professor as our teacher. I am assuming I was studying at a higher level than school style Geography. I turned the paper over when we were asked to and read all of the questions on that paper. Well I don’t know what happened but I couldn’t take the questions in.

I looked around to see everyone else busy writing like crazy with their answers. I re-read the first question and had a brain fart. Struggling with the first question I moved through to the next one and again froze at that one too. This happened through most of the questions, which was really frustrating for me.

With the last half an hour to go until the end, my brain suddenly kicked into gear and I started to answer the first question. It was obviously a little to late, as the bell rang and we were asked to put our pens down.

Holy shit, I thought I have failed this in a spectacular fashion and there was nothing I could do about it!

I would love to know what that dream meant, as I do not study Geography in any way shape or form. It is one of those questions I pondered today. I wonder what an analysis of that would be?

What a dream to have and for it to wake me up like that was just so random. I am sure that I am not the only one to have such a weird dream and to remember it too.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂

Face Masks

So I went out for a walk around the block today, as I usually day when the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.

I decided to wear my mask as I walked around as Thursday, Friday and over the weekend it was a little busier with more people out and about. Some of those people were not social distancing and in a few cases families/groups of people occupied the whole width of the pavement. When the road is not so busy it is okay to walk on the road, but it only takes a few seconds to a least make an effort to walk single file for just a short time.

As I walked around I did notice people giving those of us who chose to wear masks a wide berth. The wearing of masks is for our protection and the protection of others also. I was actually asked where I had been to be wearing my mask.

Covid 19 is a serious problem and just because people wear them does not mean that they have been somewhere to ‘get it’, or that they actually have it. Please try not to make people feel bad for doing the “Right Thing.”

Smile and have a great day 🙂

Covid returns

It was a shame to hear, but Covid returned last week. We had Covid 19 here from returning travellers who were in managed isolation.

At the moment we do not know how it returned to the community, but it is here. At the moment our area is in a Level 3 lockdown, so businesses can do some work, keeping the social distancing and tracing and the rest of the country is on a Level 2. Those who live outside our area are unable to enter until the lockdown is over. Our Level 3 is fixed until midnight on the 26th, so we are awaiting to see what happens then. At least we are not in full lockdown, yet!!

We have to deal with what happens, when it happens, because lets face it, we cannot do much else. Hubby brought me some extra wool to knit my baby clothes before the lockdown was imposed, so I am able to get on with something in any event.

We are exercising and walking again every day and enjoying the beautiful sunshine that we have at the moment. It is winter here, but the weather has certainly been very kind to us, which is a positive.

You have to be positive about what we do have and I for one am grateful to be able to go out for our walk and enjoy the sunshine. We have to stay safe and mask up, wash our hands regularly and keep in our bubble again.

Stay safe out there and look after yourselves.

Smile and have a safe day 🙂

Knitted Clowns

About three weeks ago I started to knit a clown, complete with a camera, suitcase and an umbrella. I used to knit these for friends who asked me years ago and I have just re-started knitting them.

I use Jean Greenhowe’s Knitted Clowns booklet. There are a number of clowns to knit and I have nearly knitted them all at some point.

The one I have just completed is called Godfrey Gadabout because of his love for travel and holidays. They are great fun to knit and look cool too. The one I am going to start tonight is called Bertie Bloomer, and yes, you guessed it, he loves gardening.

It is a great way to use up any odd balls or part balls of wool and as I said they look pretty cool too.

I am still knitting my baby outfits and sent of two parcels to our local special baby care units last week. The only problem I am having at the moment is the lack of wool choice. The shelves are pretty empty. A lot of our wool comes in from Australia and because of the Covid 19 situation over there, it seems that not much wool is coming in, OR, it is coming in, but going out at record rates. I will keep trying to buy some more and carry on knitting.

Life is trying to get back to “normal”, but we will see in time. Hopefully people will be careful and take this pandemic seriously.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂

Dodgy Mocha

So, another week has gone by and we are now in a new month.

I noticed when I was in the shops today, that some of the Christmas gift sets are sneaking onto the shelves. Oh my goodness! Please let us get a little nearer to Christmas before we start to see these items out to buy.

Hubby and I decided to pop into a fast food outlet when we were out shopping to buy a large mocha to drink as we walked around outside. The fast food outlet was slow in service and had no-one that we could ask about a problem.

When we finally received the mochas we walked outside and took a sip, expecting it to be hot, as it usually is and as it should be. We were both surprised to find that not it was not even slightly hot. We were going to return them, but as it took so long to get them, it would be just as easy to drink it and carry on walking. They were warm and as we reached the bottom, there were crystals of what we guessed were sugar crystals and coffee which tasted pretty sickly sweet.

It was such a shame, as a mocha is something we really enjoy drinking when we are out and about. This is the second time we have had this issue and so we will not be going back there from here on in.

Next weekend we will be back to our local coffee cart for a better tasting, and hot mocha for our walk around the block.

Smile and have a happy day :).

What a week!

Well this week has been one heck of a week.

We have had some awful weather which included heavy rains and very high winds. A fair amount of sunny and cloudy days as well. On Wednesday we have our rubbish collection and on this day we had strong gale force winds which blew the bins over. I had to collect some of my rubbish that had taken flight from my bin from around my neighbours gardens. As the bin had not yet been emptied I decided to bring it back in and put it out again this week. If I had put all the rubbish back in, the bin would have just been blown over again and I would have had to run around a second time/

At the end of the week someone I worked with some time ago was tragically killed. I only found out when an old colleague text me and then I read about it in the online newspaper. To read how he died was just saddening. Such a lovely man and so friendly to everyone. R.I.P.

Saturday we took the train to a nearby shopping mall and then walked out to the nearest town and then back again. The weather was good for the most part, but at least we had a good walk. We brought a packet of pop tarts, which I have not tried since they first came out and I don’t think I was a great fan of them then, so I was interested to see what they tasted like now.

Today we tried those pop tarts and I still am not a great fan of them, but I know they are very popular. This afternoon I made some dark chocolate and raspberry muffins. I am not usually great at making muffins, but gave it a go. They actually came out really well and tasted moist and had a lovely fruity flavour. I did a good job and even hubby loved them. Tonight is a restful evening watching a film, yet to be decided which one.

Smile and have a happy day 🙂